Industries in Birgunj-Pathlaiya Corridor Still Closed

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 As many as 13 industries in the Birgunj-Pathlaiya Industrial Corridor remain closed due to the dispute over minimum salary of workers since last Monday.


Talks held between the Birgunj Chamber of Commerce and the Joint Trade Union Regional Coordination Committee on Sunday ended inconclusively, it is learnt. The workers committee has called industries closure demanding Rs. 1,800 salary, the amount recently increased on the basic minimum salary by the government.


However, the industrialists have said that the government has increased basic salary but not the Rs. 1,800 as allowance for all.  The maximum numberof the Tribeni Group industries are closed. They are the spinning, textile, Tanus textile and synthetic industries.


Likewise, the Hulas Steel, Hama Iron, Polymer Industries, Hanuman Metal and Necon KB are closed. These industries have incurred a loss of Rs. 7 million daily due to the closure, said Birgunj Chambers of Commerce.  


Talks are on among entrepreneurs, workers' unions and the Joint Trade Union Coordination Committee to open the industries and address the workers' demand, said Ashok Kumar Baidya, chairman at Birgunj Chambers of Commerce. RSS 


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